Improve Website Speed for WordPress & WooCommerce

Get a faster website using our Speed Optimisation Service for websites based in Ireland. Faster websites have better rankings and convert traffic much easier. We help you to increase the speed of your website within days.

Improve Google PageSpeed on WordPress & WooCommerce

Get a faster website using our Speed Optimisation Service for websites based in Ireland. Faster websites have better rankings and convert traffic much easier. We help you to increase the speed of your website within days. Our developers are industry experts with years of experience providing technical updates for WordPress and WooCommerce based websites. 

ecommerce Optimised

Speed is incredibly important for online stores because customers browse through numerous different products. We will improve user experience for them by increasing page speed without affecting performance. The process of ordering and the flow of information throughout the process should be optimised within the WooCommerce environment. You are more likely to have repeat customers if the user experience is better quality. 

Minifying All Website Resources

We will reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make your site load faster on every browser. We will also make JavaScript files load later if required, to lower the initial load time of your pages. However, it’s all about balance and the approach that we take will not compromise on the usability of the site. You need the speed built into the site from the code and not just the optimisation of imagery.

Caching And CDN

We can set up browser caching plugins for you that will speed up your site for revisiting users. A CDN (content delivery network) will make your site faster by reducing the geographical distance your content has to travel, which will result in better page speeds. We will make recommendations in regard to hosting and carry out any upgrades required.

Image Optimisation

This is a big issue when a business is typically managing their own website. We will perform lossless image compression so your images will retain the quality but reduce notably in file size. We’ll also set up lazy loading so images load only once the user scrolls down. This saves bandwidth and storage space and helps improve page speed, and in the end, decreases the costs of running your site.

Plugin Inspection​

Plugins can make a WordPress website unique and offer new features, but often people install them using bad sources or without actually needing them. We’ll inspect every plugin on your site and delete what’s unnecessary. Many typically need to be updated and coding altered to match the new features. If something is faulty or outdated, we’ll suggest an alternative. All this helps achieve better speeds and reduce the total website size.

Database Optimisation​

Every piece of information that goes through your website ends up in its server database. The database can become cluttered and sooner rather than later it will impact the speed performance of your site. At WP-Support, we can optimise and clean up your website’s database, making it faster than ever before.

Still Not Sure If You Need Our Website Speed Service?​

Having your website optimised for maximum speed is important for various reasons, some of which are obvious, while some may not be so obvious. Having a faster site is a win-win situation: your users will love your fast website for its great UX and Google will like it too.

Test Your Site Speed​

Here are some great tools that will provide more detailed info: 


Google PageSpeed Insights 




These two are great choices. Some of these tools allow you to test your website from different locations and see how effective your hosting is in different parts of the world.


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Custom Web Solutions​

We focus on delivering professional, custom websites. Our WooCommerce websites are designed to be reliable and easy for customers to use. Our custom software developers can develop custom solutions for your specific needs.

Honesty & Transparency

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. If we feel like our services cannot meet your specific expectation, we will inform you. Our goal is to provide real value to our clients and their business. 

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Our team has created professional, bespoke websites tailored for businesses across Ireland and Europe. Our team of enthusiastic professionals will hand-craft a modern, fast and reliable website for your business.

fast turnaround

We aim to get our projects done quickly, so our clients don’t have to wait around. Whilst we are fast, we also take time to double check our work and ensure premimum quality is met at all times. 

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WP-Support provides custom, bespoke solutions at competitive prices. All our services are affordable and provide great value for your business. 

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We encourage on-going communication with all of our clients. By establishing a open communication line, obstacles can be quickly spotted and solved.


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