WordPress Support & Maintenance

We provide an unrivalled WordPress support and maintenance service for business in Ireland. Our WordPress experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website.

WordPress Support & Maintenance

We provide an unrivalled WordPress maintenance and hosting service for business in Ireland. Our WordPress experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. 

Our dedicated maintenance plans can include website changes and revisions, managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security package, and expert support.



common wordpress support & maintenance services

We fix all WordPress issues and make your site run the best possible. We are available for any support issues and you can contact us live-chat, email or phone.

Request unlimited website fixes and website revisions from our technicians. We do the jobs that are too small for some agencies.

Don’t let your website backend go out of date. We keep your WordPress website, themes and plugins up to date. We stage updates first before putting them live and make sure to reduce any website downtime. 

Our experts are constantly monitoring your site: automatically alerted when issues occur, and ensuring optimal performance and security.

We can provide various website hosting options. We find a suitable package that fits your website performance requirements. We can also work with your existing hosting provider if required.

We have outlined many of the common elements that people ask us about in regard to their website support. We also offer custom, bespoke solutions for our cilents. 

We know that security matters for business. Let us protect your information and the privacy of your clients. We run security updates, and regularly scan for malware and any other activity that looks suspicious. Let us reduce SPAM and make sure the website backend is secure.

All websites we host have an SSL certificate included to keep your website secure for you and your customers. This is a must for modern websites, especially for ecommerce focused sites. Give peace of mind to your customers (and to search engines).

We set up and manage a backup system for your website. This is hugely important for busy websites and sites that have regular updates. This helps keep your site files secure and your performance information available in case something goes wrong with your website.

Our maintenance team are alerted when any reports for new plugin vulnerabilities are released and immediately move to take action. We are also available when there is an issue that you need resolved. Faster turnarounds are better for business.

Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

That being said, there will also require continual upkeep of plugins as developers and theme designers regularly change their products. Optimising the back end to reflect these changes is important.


If your site doesn’t get these regular updates from WordPress, the plugin developers or the theme designers, it could be vulnerable to security issues. It is possible that your site can be hacked and the results removed from Google’s search engine. One of the worst things to happen though is if Google removes it from their listings, as this will be detrimental to organic traffic and SEO performance. Something like this would be very detrimental and damaging to your brand name and business performance.

Any website built on the WordPress CMS platform requires regular updating and maintenance. The reason for this is that WordPress makes regular updates to the core system and these need to be integrated into the version that your website uses on the server. 


By ensuring that your site remains in good condition and protected against being hacked, you’ll be ensuring that your visitors get a better user experience and therefore you’ll be in Google’s good books. By having your core WordPress updated by our maintenance service will ensure that your site is bug-free and that you have access to all the latest features. .We also offer website design services that can help you create a professional-looking site that is easy to maintain. We can also design a new WordPress site for you if the existing site is too far behind the current requirements. This may be more affordable rather than building over a badly built infrastructure. 


WordPress is a complex system of interconnected parts. These parts, including the core and plugins, need to be in alignment and up to date. Changes made wrong may break the entire website system. Before making any update, we have backups ready to use them if required. If there are any issues, we can fix them to ensure that all goes to plan. We are specialists in project management and website development, so the maintenance service will run to plan.


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Custom Web Solutions​

We focus on delivering professional, custom websites. Our WooCommerce websites are designed to be reliable and easy for customers to use. Our custom software developers can develop custom solutions for your specific needs.

Honesty & Transparency

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. If we feel like our services cannot meet your specific expectation, we will inform you. Our goal is to provide real value to our clients and their business. 

Premimum Quality​

Our team has created professional, bespoke websites tailored for businesses across Ireland and Europe. Our team of enthusiastic professionals will hand-craft a modern, fast and reliable website for your business.

fast turnaround

We aim to get our projects done quickly, so our clients don’t have to wait around. Whilst we are fast, we also take time to double check our work and ensure premimum quality is met at all times. 

great value

WP-Support provides custom, bespoke solutions at competitive prices. All our services are affordable and provide great value for your business. 

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We encourage on-going communication with all of our clients. By establishing a open communication line, obstacles can be quickly spotted and solved.


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